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  What We Offer
Experience the amazing Waterfall, River Cruise and Valley Tour. Experience the Fijian Lifestyle and get to meet the most friendliest people around...

Waterfall Day Tour

Your first stop will be the Biausevu Village Hall where a Kava Welcoming Ceremony awaits you.

The waterfall day tour involves 25 minutes of walking through the forest. See how the locals have kept the forest intact and how it provides for them. We will show you a series of herbal medication that grew in the wilds and how its now used in todays pharmaceutical medicines.

While enjoying the waterfall experience, your guide will be providing you with refreshments and lunch.

Half Day Valley Tour

While heading towards the vallery, your first stop would be at Sigatoka District School. Here you have the opportunity to meet the local kids, sing songs and dance with them.

Upon leaving the school you will make your way up the Sigatoka Vallery which is also known as Salad Bowl of Fiji. See how commercial farming have changed over the years. Be amazed with the view along the Sigatoka Valley and untouched forestation that surpasses ones imagination.

There is more in store for you later on. See our video for a better picture on what you expect.

Nahigatoka River Cruise

Cruise the majestic Sigatoka River and feel the beauty it posses. Enjoy charming village scenes and serene settings along the river with contrast vegetation amid picturesque mountain backdrops.

Discover how Fijian families utilize the river as their source of everyday living. Learn the significance of other historical sites and monuments along the rive. At the village you will be greeted with a Kava ceremony.

Observe the village lifestyle and traditional art and skills in mat weaving, pottery and tapa design. The entertainment just makes you feel at home.